Discovering how to connect to self and your partner through Tango and Ki Aikido Principles workshop met Olivier Gourmet en Magdalena Marsiglia Op zaterdag 1 december 2018 in De Binnentuin

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Would you like:

  • To discover about mind-body coordination and a strength you didn’t know you possessed when your mind is working in a unified way with your body
  • To discover a way to be more connected to yourself and your partner ?
  • To feel the joy of feeling in harmony in the dance as a couple ?
  • To reflect on your experience and learn from it using Interactive Focusing ?
  • To have fun walking and dancing on the music ?
If yes, then, we have a workshop for you!
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Plaats: De Binnentuin, psychotherapeutisch centrum in Boutersem:

workshop Olivier 1-12