FocusingWith-The-Whole-Body met Astrid Schillings

Forward to the Roots…

24th-25th of April, 22th-23rd of May, 18th-19th of September, 13th-14th of November 2015 and 29th-30th of January 2016

In this workshops we will explore the roots of both Whole- Body-Focusing and Focusing and take the process forward into our life and work. I hope to take the group into a step by step felt understanding of how Focusing with our Whole Body can bring an existential change in the deep heart- and body-mind.

Building on what we have explored in Focusing, we will deepen and expand our questioning.

The Whole Body Focusing creates more intimacy with our body-life as a whole including organismic and instinctual levels as well as emotion and meaning. It is here in this palpable immediacy of our living, moving, gesturing, feeling body, that we can sense: As humans we are life living from itself and we have life in our liberating awareness, when we let the Felt Sense emerge.

We will address the crossing of “Clearing Space” and “Grounding into Being Here – Dasein” . While in Focusing it is always implied, Focusing with our Whole Body explicitly works with the deep grounds of body-environment processes.

Slowly we may sense into how Focusing with our Whole Body interacting with the wider reality shifts our specific human situations person to person, in therapy, healing, and creativity, our living being in fresh inner-directed ways… every day.

For participants with a Person Centred Background I wish to point to Carl Roger`s notion of Existential Living and the Organismic Actualizing Tendency, which in FWB can be experienced with palpable immediacy. Gendlin`s rigourous phenomenological exploration of experiencing is an inquiry into moment-to-moment living and by its profound simplicity as The –Whole-Body-Focusing can open vast doors. Differences and commonalities with Mindfulness- practice can be addressed, if there is interest.

In later modules we will explore the inter-relational dimension and questions of life-purpose, embodied spirituality and dialogue.

If there is interest, the workshop will be followed by Focusing with your Whole Body – supervision as an ongoing group and/or FWB-single sessions to support a deepening of experience. Further professional qualification in FWB-therapy is available.

Friday:10.00 AM till ca 18.00 PM, Saturday ca 17.00 PM

Costs: 220 euro/ weekend (lunch included)

Registration: Please email

The registration will be valid after payment into the following account:

Astrid Schillings, Kreissparkasse Köln,

DE 143 7050 2990 310005371, BIC COKSDE33XXX

Astrid Schillings is a psychologist, Certifying Coordinator/Trainer of The Focusing Institute N.Y., a Person-Centred and Focusing-Oriented Psychotherapist :

“Focusing came into my life in 1981 when studying psychology. It resonated deeply with my wondering what life is, why we are here. I have been exploring, teaching extensively on the interfaces of Sensitive Body-Awareness, Mindfulness, Meditative enquiry, Inner-Directed- Movement and Focusing. It took years to let it slowly carry forward in my heart into the Whole Body Focusing. Thank you Kevin McEvenue for your warm support!

I teach WB/FOT internationally in contexts of accredited trainings for counsellors, psychotherapists like in my Cologne-Centre and to everybody interested. For the last 16 years I have been in ongoing exchange with Gene Gendlin on how the process of awareness interacts in being alive as a human body.

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